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Gabi responded: "Actually, Srajan is right. The Bridge principle was born out of the observations Edwin talked about. These Bridge cables only make a ground connection but in the connectors, we have those last few centimeters, which increase the performance. However, the ground connection too is made of our silver/gold mix, which has an even more significant effect so these cables are a kind of combination which works fascinatingly well." Just to clarify, the filters and materials utilized are not at all similar to the filters/circuits used by MIT or Transparent. Crystal Cable has a worldwide patent pending on this new design.

The Bridge came packaged in a nice box and cloth bag. As you can see, build quality is quite solid and looks very professional. I removed the JPS Labs Superconductor+ currently running from my Cullen Circuits modified PS Audio DL III DAC to my Audiomat Opera Reference amp, plugged in the Bridge with their unique tightening RCA connections and then reattached the JPS cable.

Even without any burn-in time, I noticed a significant improvement right away. Music emerged from a quieter background and it seemed that I gained a dB or two in volume. Overall presentation became more forward and visceral. I was surprised by the subjectively lower noise levels as the Superconductor+ (which sports a solid copper shield) supposedly has 120dB of noise rejection already. The effect of the Bridge was not unlike that of a good power conditioner - minus the weird tonal shifts or occasional reduction in dynamics.

Over the first two weeks of use, the performance traits noted above continued to improve. After a month, I thought I had reached the Bridge's optimum performance and started to experiment with various cables, from $30 Radio Shack wires to the most expensive ones I had on hand, the Acoustic Zen Silver Reference and SilverFi Samarkand, both of which retail close to $1,00 US. All sounded better with the Bridge. The bass became deeper with greater weight. Subjective volume increased. Higher frequencies were smoother yet also displayed greater delineation of detail. Dynamics and the overall pulse of music became more defined and incisive. Instruments and voices were clearer with greater weight and presence. The rich texture of a cello or the upper range of a soprano were more tactile and convincing.

As crazy as it might seem, the Bridge had a dramatic effect even with Radio Shack's cheapies. However, I think you would be better served by obtaining better interconnects than the Radio Shacks before considering purchasing the Bridge. I thought the most cost-effective combination was the Bridge and a decent $200-$300 cable. Matching the Bridge with the mid-priced cables from JPS Labs, DH Labs or SilverFi handily beat the more expensive Acoustic Zen Silver Reference or SilverFi Samarkand running solo. Surprisingly, while I could still hear the unique sonic characteristics of each cable, their differences were not as apparent. The Bridge clearly possessed the most dramatic and pronounced effect. It is mere speculation on my part but perhaps the differences I noted between cables had more to do with each cable's geometry and connectors than the conductor material itself.

Most if not all cable manufacturers will tell you that all cables degrade the signal to some degree but that the best ones almost get out of the way completely. If that's true, then I don't believe I have ever heard a cable more benign to the musical event than the SilverFi Samarkand with the Bridge. And while I have not tried any of Crystal Cable's regular interconnects in my system, I suspect that the Bridge, apart from lowering perceived system noise, also offered me a fair taste of the Crystal Cable house sound.

After several weeks of swapping in various cables, I am convinced the Bridge will improve the performance of any interconnect regardless of pedigree and do so without adversely altering the sonic character of your existing cable. Music playback was more resolved, vibrant, dynamic, there and ultimately more real with the Bridge.

I admit that $700 for a cable upgrade or even just a regular cable seems a stretch. Perhaps it is but I will leave the value judgments to you. Suffice it to say, the Bridge works as advertised. It's a very impressive product and definitely worth borrowing from a willing dealer. But don't bother if you can't afford to not return your loaners...

Quality of packing: Excellent.
Reusability of packing: Appears reusable several times.
Quality of owner's manual: No manual supplied or required.
Condition of component received: Flawless.
Completeness of delivery: Perfect.
Website comments: Decent pictures and information.
Human interactions: Professional, helpful and friendly.
Pricing: No complaints considering performance.
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