Here we see the retrofitted fans
installed below the stock board to prevent captive heat; and revised wiring tied off along the chassis edge for the main RCA outputs. Given that Labtek's own board installs mostly out of sight and that I wouldn't attempt to remove Oppo's black PCB... I asked for uninstalled photos with descriptive comments. It didn't help that their website was purely Italiano nor that it didn't show the BDP-105D mods where other mods for Audio Analogue, Behringer, Denon, Jadis, Opera Consonance, Pioneer, Rotel and Sony lived. What's more, Elle remained unlisted. What showed instead were the €2'690 Reference and €3'490 Signature mods. As it happened, I had the latter. Apparently the Signature carries the Elle badge. It is distinctly a she, not a he. Atop Oppo's unaffected 2-year warranty, Labtek add another year for 3 years peace of mind.

Running the Signature's Italian descriptions through Google Translator's spin cycle, I got dual-mono power supplies for the tubes; an anti-magnetic A2 stainless top cover; vibration control of the cover via damping material (translation: one glued-in pad); dual-isolation adjustable feet; a free upgraded Schuko PowerCord; and Furutech FT-903 RCA connectors. Google then bollixed up with "Sbilandciatrice OP section with very high speed; and high-speed feeding in Maggiorat". In plain speak again were increased dynamics and S/N ratio of >100dB. The universal power supply pointed at Oppo's unchanged SMPS. That was nothing I expected to see filed under modifications. Luigi did have to step in after all.

In Bratt Ratner's buddy-cop comedy Rush Hour starring Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan, the former's jive-talking character described himself as Blackinese, apparently a black man with some Chinese blood. Considering my loaner's super-stealthy appearance and country of origin—it's also available in silver—had me remember Tucker's hilarious detective James Carter shtick. For this occasion, he merely needed a quick sex change. Meet Christie Tucker aka Jill Carter.

Here we see her very endowed business end, the updated Furutech jacks and the provided fully interchangeable valve pairs for some seasoning to personal taste. Time for Luigi Dall'Antonia to talk us through some of the finer points of his mod. I already knew that his fans were far from inaudible because they briefly fired up when I powered down to standby. The real question was whether they'd come on during play. Or were they pure back-up safety, programmed to start spinning only should heat exceed a safe threshold value?